4 rules of tajweed


Tanween and Noon sakin has same properties in terms of pronunciation. Therefore Four cases are made to explain the rulings about both Noon Sakin and Tanween. These cases are mentioned below:

  1. Izhar
  2. Ikhfa
  3. Iqlab
  4. Idgham 

How Tanween is equal to Noon Sakin

It is mentioned in the following picture


If letters of halaqiya comes after noon sakin or tanween, Izhar will be done. In izhar, ghunnah will not occurred. Six Halaqiyah letters mention in 1st picture


If letters of Ikhfa comes after noon sakin or tanween, Ikhfa will be done. In ikhfa, ghunnah will be occurred. There are 15 letters of Ikhfa, mention in 1st picture.


If letter ba (ب) comes after noon sakin or tanween, Iqlab will be done. In Iqlab, ghunnah will be occurred in such a way that sound of Noon will change into Meem.


If letters of yarmaloon comes after noon sakin or tanween, Idgham will be done. In idgham, ghunnah will not be occurred for two letters (ل & ر ) and for remaining four letters ghunnah will be occurred . There are 6 letters of Idgham, mention in 1st picture.

What is ghunnah

Ghunna (nasalization) means taking the voice into the nose. Don’t take sound into nose for any letter until ghunna is not happening on it.

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