The Rules and Signs of Stopping (Waqf) When Reading Quran

Learning basic steps For Recitation of Quran is very important, in this article you can easily understand about stop(waqf) during reading Quran.

What is Waqf

The meaning of Waqf is to pause/stop i.e. at whichever word Waqf is to be done, end the voice as well as the breath on the last letter of that particular word.

Replace following signs in case of waqf

  • If a Fathah [Zabar], Kasrah [Zayr], Dammah [Paysh], Two Zayr [Kasratayn] or Two Paysh [Dammatayn], Vertical Kasrah [Khara Zayr] or Inverted Dammah [Ulta Paysh] comes on the last letter of the word, then make that (last) letter Saakin when doing Waqf.
  • If two Zabar [Fathatayn] comes on the last letter of the word, then convert it in Alif Maddah when doing Waqf.
  • If the last letter of the word is a round تَا i.e. ( ۃ ) then no matter which Harakah it has on it, pronounce it as a ( ھ ) Saakin when doing Waqf.
  • When doing Waqf, vertical Fathah [Khara Zabar], the Letters of Maddah and Saakin Letter are not changed.

Signs of Waqf

There are different signs of Waqf and each sign has its own characteristics. Waqf should be done keeping these features in mind.

  • O
    This sign is called waqf e tam. It is used for completion of verse, One should pause here
  • م
    This sign is called waqf e lazim. It is compulsory to stop at this sign
  • ج
    This sign is called waqf e Jaaiz. It is better to pause here but it is also permissible to carry on.
  • ز
    This sign is called waqf e Mujawwaz. It is permissible to pause here but it is better to avoid pause at it.
  • ص
    This sign is called waqf e Murakhkas. One should not pause here
  • لا
    This mark comes in the middle of the verse, one should not stop at this mark.
  • وقف النبی
    This sign shows the parts of Quran where the Messenger ﷺ of God Himself stopped and took pause.
  • وقف غفران
    This sign is used to indicate the place where the reciter and listener should stop to pray before Allah.
  • وقف منزل
    This is the sign that refers to the stopping and pausing of the angel Jibril during the revelation of the Qur’anic verses to the Prophetﷺ.

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