April 3, 2024

Salah Course

Discover the beauty and significance of Salah with our specialized course dedicated to the method of prayer and its related aspects. Praying is a duty for every sane and mature Muslim, just as prayer is a obligatory, learning how to pray is also a obligatory.The conditions of prayer, duties of prayer, sunnahs of prayer, what makes prayer invalid, and much more you can learn in the Reciters Online academy.

What Will I Learn?

  • You learn all basic rules for salah such as Faraid, Sunnahs, Wajibat, Mustahabbat and much more.

Course Content

Lecture # 1 (Method of Wudu)

Lecture # 2 (Method of wudu)

Lecture # 3 (Method of wudu)

Lecture # 4 (Method of wudu)

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Material Includes

  • A complete pdf file about course


  • Student must read Quran properly


  • Every Muslim